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PLEASE NOTE: There are NO fees to schedule a regular meeting to see our space and learn about our services. We only charge Consultation fees for the special meetings offered below for more extensive wedding planning needs.


We are happy to help ANYONE with wedding or event planning guidance. You don’t need to be booked at our venue to take advantage of our 20-plus years of experience and extensive knowledge of the wedding and event industry in Chicago. No matter what size, type, or location…we can help you.

Chicago Wedding Planning Consultation Meeting - Smart Start

Chicago Wedding Planning Consultation Meeting - Smart Start

Smart Start Wedding Planning Consultation Meeting = $225

This option is specialized for couples that are just starting to plan, and perhaps are just recently engaged. We go through several areas to help you narrow down what size, what style, what location, and overall, the big picture approach that may work best for your personal preferences…and realistic budget. What is included:

  • one consultation meeting - 2 to 3 hours

  • big picture work sheet

  • prioritizing and budgeting guide

  • suggested planning schedule

  • optional - honest referrals to vendors, including independent wedding planners, based on your preferences and estimated budget (no kickbacks!)



Mid-planning Crisis Meeting = $225

You got off to a great start. Then Pinterest happened. Then 10 different friends and relatives were pulling you in different directions. Then your brain stopped being capable of making any more decisions. It happens. We can help you get back on track to the finish line. Fee is $225 for one meeting. Follow up meetings, or any coordination help beyond a meeting may require additional fees.

Examples of typical help provided:

  • organize a check list and deadlines for decisions, orders, bookings

  • organize a wedding week/weekend/day schedule

  • tips for overcoming second-guessing and indecisiveness

  • edit down choices / finalize choices

  • red flag any important missing services or details

  • referrals to any vendors or goods yet to be booked or finalized

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HELP ME! I lost my venue…I can’t find an available vendor…I need a day-of coordinator! Contact Sarah. Fees are case-by-case, and depend on your specific needs.

Examples of typical help provided:

  • help finding/booking available replacement venue or vendors

  • help finding/booking last-minute vendors

  • create / review / adjust a wedding day schedule

  • red flag any issues regarding schedule, services or details